Birds for Sale

Beautiful White Dove Releases
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These are birds that live with us and raise babies periodically for sale. Some birds hatch only in the spring and others breed year-round. Please check with us on availability and pricing if there’s a bird species you’d like. Thank you!

Pigeons : Black Homing Pigeons, Tumblers, Rollers, Satinettes, Fantails

Doves: White Ring Neck Doves, Diamond Doves

Finches: English Zebra, Java, Cordon Bleu, Green Singers, English Zebras, Saffron, Canary

Parrots: Scarlett Chested Parakeets, African Grey, Macaw, Love Bird

Water Fowl: Mandarin Ducks, Call Duck, Sebastopol Geese

Other: Cockatiels, White and Pied Peacocks, Crested Mynah birds