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Beautiful White Dove Releases
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There are many species of doves throughout the world but our release doves are a type of homing pigeon, also called the Rock Dove. The Rock Dove has been domesticated for many centuries. Their homing instinct and ability to return to their loft from long distances has long baffled scientists. No one quite knows how they find their way but possibly it is linked to the sun’s position or the earth’s magnetic fields, although memory may also play a role.

Our doves are pure white and very soft. They bathe in special bath salts and live in specially constructed, vented lofts to allow only the cleanest environment to raise their young. Doves mate for life so are a beautiful symbol for the lasting bond of marriage. They are loyal, gentle and devoted to each other. The parents spend equal time sitting on their nest then both take part in raising their two babies together. They are allowed to fly free several times a week and after being released at events , they fly straight back to the comfort of their coop. Once they arrive, we watch them parade and dance and coo on top of their lofts, showing the joy from the flight and pride of their return home.

The birds we use for display are a different breed called the Ring Neck Dove. These gentle souls are not able to fly well nor find their way back and are never meant to be released. For the safety of all birds, please be sure never to hire a company that releases anything but the pure white homing pigeon, the Rock Dove.