Beautiful White Dove Releases
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It’s never easy losing a loved one. White Wings Dove Release is there for you in this time of need, with a very loving and caring staff, offering the ceremonial white doves to capture the hearts and symbolize the soul of those you’ve lost.

For centuries, doves have represented love, peace, hope and the spirit of those who have passed. White Wings Dove Releases are a visually symbolic release that offers great comfort to grieving family members and friends.

We work with you to choose the most appropriate reading for your family then frame it with a feather from the birds for you to keep. You may release a single bird at the gravesite to represent the soul of your loved one or choose a four-bird Trinity release. In the Trinity, we release three birds representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As these birds take off to the sky, a fourth bird is released to represent the soul of the departed. As that bird raises up, it will join with the first three, circle a few times then fly off in unison, representing the spirit being taken up to the heavens. We want the dove release to best represent your personal beliefs and can customize any symbolism and number of birds to best reflect what is most meaningful to you.

Additional birds can be added to represent someone who has passed before to also symbolize their presence and escort into heaven. All birds can be released from white heart-shaped baskets, a beautiful decorative church or from the hands of family members or a combination. We find that a hand release often helps the living feel as if they were able to finally let go. There is nothing like holding the softness and warmth of these beautiful birds and feeling their heart beat and breath before you raise up and let them go.

Please contact us for pricing and package information. Prices include handler, doves, baskets, and a personalized reading. Pickup of doves is also available for a reduced price.